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Tents for Every Event

Rent Canopy Tents for Wedding Receptions, Parties, Festivals or Corporate Events

Remember when you were a kid and had a tent in the backyard? Even if it was just a tarp slung over a clothesline, there was something magical about it. Tents just have an incredible ability to create a special oasis, even in the most mundane, middle of nowhere settings. We see it all the time.

Pole Tent Rentals For Weddings, Parties and FestivalsWhen it comes to parties and events, a tent offers much more than simply shelter against the sun or the rain. A tent makes a statement—it says something significant is going on and the host cares enough about those in attendance to provide a special place for them to gather. Even the simplest of our event tents can create a unique ambiance. And when lit up at night, a tent conveys a warm and festive ambiance altogether lacking in an indoor setting.

Brookfield, Madison, and Fox Cities Party Rental congratulates you on your decision to think outside the box of boring reception halls and auditoriums. Wedding receptions, graduation parties, corporate outings, multi-day festivals—we have a tent for any occasion. Explore the photos above to get a better idea of what will work best for your event.

Party Tents

Our party tents range in size from 10×10 to 40×200. These tents can be set up on either grass or asphalt.  These are the traditional style striped tent and are available in a variety of colors. If you have a preference for a tent with a specific color, we advise contacting us well in advance of your event to reserve the color you want.

Wedding Tents

In keeping with the classic color theme of weddings, all our wedding event tents are white. However, don’t rule out a white tent for occasions other than weddings. A white tent is perfectly suitable for anniversaries, graduation celebrations and other events. We have these in a variety of sizes ranging from 20×20 to 60×160.

Frame Tents

Frame tents are free-standing tents with no interior poles—a nice feature to promote mingling and a necessity if you plan on having a dance floor. Since these tents do not require in-ground staking, they can be set up on just about any type of ground surface. We offer these in sizes from 10x10 to 40x100.


Interior Lighting, Sidewalls and Fencing for Event Tents 

A tent by itself is often perfectly adequate for many events. However, we know  “adequate” sometimes just isn’t sufficient. With the addition of a few tent accessories, your tent will not only be more practical but also more appealing. Equipped with sidewalls, lighting and decorative fencing, a tent creates a uniquely festive atmosphere and evokes fond memories of childhood trips to the circus. Minus the elephants and trapeze artists, of course.


If your event will run into the evening hours, you will definitely need lighting. We can set up your tent with Globe Lighting or LED Par Lighting. Both create a warm, festive ambiance. The hanging globe lights have a shade to create a warm, diffuse light. Our LED lighting is placed pointing upwards to illuminate the roof of the tent. The light color of the tent reflects the light to create a very pleasing light.

Solid White Sidewalls

Sidewalls transform a tent into a private enclosure. Besides helping to keep bugs from flying into your gathering, sidewalls also keep down wind noise and provide greater protection from rain showers. Sidewalls are also quite useful for keeping uninvited passersby from wandering in or standing outside gawking at your event.

Window Sidewalls

Window sidewalls are tent sidewalls with a clear vinyl window. Allowing natural light to enter your tent brightens the ambiance immensely. However, if you are planning to host your event during hot weather months, you should be aware that tent windows will increase the temperature inside your tent on a sunny day.

6 ft. Signature Fencing

Our 6 ft. Signature fencing is an elegant way to create an entrance to your tent, enclose an open-sided tent, or delineate areas within your tent for exhibitors to have their own space. These free-standing 6 ft. long fence sections offer a variety of intriguing possibilities both inside and outside your tent.

Contact our Wisconsin tent rental specialists for event tents and accessories throughout the Brookfield, Appleton and Madison areas.