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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, by all means. We offer several package deals because most of our customers are looking to rent tables and chairs along with a tent, but if all you need is a tent you can rent just a tent. Look under our "Build Your Own" packages – these are tents we rent by themselves, with the option of adding on whatever else you may want. If you don't see the tent you want under "Build Your Own," get in touch with us at the location nearest you and let us know what you need.
No, we don't rent tents for camping. However, if you're planning a camping trip and need a large cooler, we have those available for rent. We also refill propane tanks, in case you're taking along a propane-fueld grill.
Yes. On the day delivery is scheduled, you will need to move vehicles or anything else blocking access to the site. The area where the tent is to be set up should be free of any debris, furniture, toys or dog doody. Do NOT mow the grass in the three days prior to scheduled delivery. While freshly mown grass may seem like a great idea, it will leave stains all over a white tent.
Yes, you can. If you don't need a tent for your event, email us at the location nearest you with information on how many tables and chairs you need. We'll get back to you with a quote. Please be aware that if chairs are delivered to your site, we do not set them up for you unless arrangements have been made prior to delivery. Also, it's a good idea to have some towels and a spray bottle of cleaner in case the chairs are dusty or have pollen on them. We make every effort to keep our rental equipment clean, but with hundreds of rental chairs going out and coming in all the time we cannot possibly inspect every chair to ensure it is immaculately clean. 
Yes, we will contact Wisconsin Public Service before setting up a tent to ensure our tent stakes are not driven into the ground anywhere there is an underground power line, gas line, cable TV line or water line.
Bounce houses are kept inflated by a blower that continually pumps air into them. The blower is powered by electricity. We include the blower and a long extension cord with rental of the bounce house. Our crew will set up the bounce house on level ground with 4' of clearance on all sides. The blower must remain plugged in during your event in order to keep the bounce house inflated.
We cover this in our page on tent rentals, but it's worth repeating here: Although it may seem like a good idea to mow the yard the day before your party tent is put up, we'd prefer you don't. Here's why: We have to lay our tents out in the lawn before setting them up and the chlorophyll in grass clippings will stain them. Also, your grass will be harmed much more by foot traffic if it has recently been cut than if it has been a few days since it was last mowed. For these reasons, we ask that you not mow your lawn within 3 days prior to your event.
You can move the grills under the tent ONLY if they are not in use and any coals have been completely extinquished. Grilling under a tent will damage the tent and is in violation of state fire code. The potential for catastrophic destruction of property is huge--not only to our tent, but also to your home--as well as injury to your guests.
Yes, all items rented to you must be cleaned and repackaged in the same containers they were delivered in.
Not if you’re planning to put it on a residential property. If you are a business or a commercial property, though, you will need a permit in most of Wisconsin. There is a fee for this (typically around $70 per tent) and you will need to bring copies of your site plan to the permitting office with sketches showing the location and dimensions of the tents you intend to have on your site. It usually takes a few days to get the permit, so plan ahead.
We set up tents 1 to 2 days prior unless alternate arrangements have been made with us.
Our larger canopy tents can weather a downpour with no problem. The smaller frame tents, particularly those which are not secured with stakes or weights, are considerably more vulnerable in a bad storm. If severe weather hits (i.e. high winds, hail, intense lightning), we recommend having an indoor location nearby where your guests can wait out the storm.  
1 to 3 days afterward, unless alternate arrangements have been made with us.
Yes, we will need a 25% deposit to confirm your rental. The deposit is nonrefundable.
Prices range from $1 to $2 per lineal foot, depending on the type of sidewall ordered.
At checkout, you will see that there is a charge added for "shipping." This is actually the charge for delivering and setting up the tent, then coming back to dismantle the tent and take it back to our rental location. If you are renting a small canopy tent, however, you can easily set this up with just one other person to help out. These tents have folding legs that you'll pull out. The metal frame for the top of the tent expands when you pull the legs out. Amazingly simple, yet sturdy.Our prices do not include set-up and take-down of tables and chairs. They will be stacked neatly under the tents we set up and we ask that you leave them this way for us when we return to pick everything up. If you are unable to set up and take down your chairs and tables, please contact us so we can make arrangements to have this done for you. There will be an additional fee for this service.
Pole tents are often referred to as canopy tents or party tents. These tents can be anywhere from 20’ wide to 100’ wide, and almost any length. They consist of a tent material supported by center poles, perimeter poles and staked down lines that extend outward from the sides of the tent. These tents are by far the most secure tents you can rent. Frame tents have a tent top held up by a free-standing frame with no interior support poles. These tents offer unobstructed space and can be installed virtually anywhere—including patios, decks and roofs. They are usually anchored with sandbags or cement blocks to ensure they do not blow over in heavy wind, although we will use guy lines and stakes when it’s prudent to do so.
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