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Wisconsin Party Tent Rental Pros On How To Pull Off A Successful Winter Tent Event

Snowman in field Planning a big event is stressful enough, but when the big event is going to take place outdoors in a Wisconsin winter it's even worse. Suddenly, running out of champagne isn't the worst thing that can happen. Running out of fuel for the heaters is!

While we all know intuitively that it's better to host a tent event in temperate weather months, sometimes an event has to take place when the weather is less than perfect. With a little planning, though, there’s no reason a tent party in winter can’t be just as fun and memorable as one held in warmer weather.

That said, here are a few suggestions to keep your winter tent event from turning into a freeze out.

What Do You Need To Keep A Party Tent Warm In Winter?

Rent heater for outdoor tent event in WisconsinThere are three things you’ll need to keep your guests warm inside your tent during winter: a heater (or heaters), propane to fuel the heater, and a generator to power the heater(s).

The most commonly asked question is “How big of a heater do I need?” The answer is…it depends on how big of a tent you’re renting and what the temperature outside is. There is actually a formula for calculating how big of a heater you’ll need. In some instances, you may be better off renting two smaller heaters rather than one large one.

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Winter Event Tent Rental In WisconsinAs an example, to keep a 40' x 80' foot tent at a comfortable 65 degrees when it is 20 degrees you will need a heater capable of 61,245 BTU.  Our 80,000 BTU heater would work fine and would give you some extra oomph if the temperature turns out to be more like 10 degrees than the 20 degrees forecast. For an event lasting 4 to 6 hours, you will need 40 lbs of propane. We would also recommend a few free-standing heaters (also fueled by propane.) Placed around a dining area, these really help keep your guests comfortably warm.

Bottom line: Choosing a heater is just too important to take chances on. For this reason, we are happy to make recommendations on what size heater (or heaters) will work best for your event. Just let us know and we will make sure you get what you need to keep your tent comfortably warm for your event.

Rent a Winter Tent Package to Make it Easy

To simplify the whole process of ordering a tent and heater, we’ve put together three winter tent rental packages. These packages are sized for events ranging from 16 guests to 100. Each package includes the appropriately sized tent, sidewalls, weights for anchoring the tent and a heater.

Our winter tent packages all use frame tents, since these do not require putting stakes in the ground to anchor them. If you prefer a pole tent (like the one shown in the photo on this page), be aware that if the site of your event is a parking lot or other paved surface we have to drill holes in the pavement to secure the anchors. These can be filled in with asphalt later on. However, if you don't have permission for us to drill into someone's parking lot, you'll have to opt for a frame tent.

While pole tents offer a soaring ceiling height, a frame tent is most often chosen for a winter event due to the fact the location is usually a paved surface and the owners don't want holes drilled in it in the middle of winter. Sure, we can set up a pole tent on grass, but if it snows the day before we set up the tent you'll be shoveling snow off the grass. It’s a lot easier to plow a paved surface than it is to shovel snow off a lawn or a field.

The one drawback to a frame tent is that the metal support structure around the perimeter of the tent and overhead is visible. If you’re planning a fancy wedding, you might find it looks a bit too industrial. There are ways to camouflage this with layers of draped fabric.

Winter Tent Rental Packages


  • 16x16 Frame tent (16 to 30 people, depending on interior setup)

  • Sidewalls

  • Heater

  • Weight for anchoring

  • $625, Including setup and take down (Delivery extra)


  • 20x20 Frame tent (30 to 40 guests, depending on interior setup)

  • Sidewalls

  • Heater

  • Weight for anchoring

  • $749, Including setup and take down (Delivery extra)


  • 20x40 Frame tent (65 to 100 guests, depending on interior setup)

  • Sidewalls

  • Heater

  • Weight for anchoring

  • $949, Including setup and take down (Delivery extra)

(In case you're wondering, yes, we can also put together a package with a larger tent.)

Connecting an Event Tent to a Nearby Building for a Winter Event

For this event, the hosts wanted their guests to be able to get into the main building without having to traipse across a snow and ice-covered parking lot. We connected a series of small frame tents together and added sidewalls to create a protected corridor from the event tent to the building.

If you don't need a connecting corridor like this, at least consider an entry tent to help keep out some of the cold air that can get inside the main tent from guests entering and exiting. We can set up a 10' x 10' or 20' x 20' high peak frame tent with sidewalls at the entrance to your main tent.  

Small frame tents set up to make a passageway to larger main tent View inside passageway created by series of small frame tents
Overhead view of the connecting corridor.  View of the corridor from inside building.


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