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Rollaway Bed
Rollaway Bed
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You may be wondering why you would need a rollaway guest bed for a tent event. After all, it's not like you're planning a lecture on the molecular composition of tree bark, right? 

Well, there are actually three scenarios where a guest bed may be needed:

1. You have a guest coming in from out of town and will need a place to bunk for the night. If your event is in your backyard, we can deliver the guest bed with the tent. Then, just wheel it into your spare room and set it up. 

2. You want to provide a place other than your own bed where anyone who’s had a few too many can sleep it off before driving home. -

3. You have young children in attendance who will inevitably zonk out before the night is over. You can't just have them sleeping on the floor. With a guest bed (or two) simply unfold the mattress and add your own bedsheet, pillow and blanket. Bedtime stories optional. 

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