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Dining, 48" Round
Dining, 48" Round
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48" Round Banquet Table Rental

Since the banquets held by the Knights of the Round Table, circular shaped tables have been a popular choice for gatherings of all types. Unlike rectangular tables, where you can only really communicate with someone directly across from you, and directly to your side, it's easy to strike up a conversation wtih anyone seated around a round table—even among those not bonded by knighthood.

Our round tables have an admittedly industrial look to them, but bear in mind this isn’t how they’ll look on the day of your big event. Draped with a table linen, elegant place settings, and a few folding white wooden chairs, this plain old table looks outright glamorous. And, yes, we have the linens, the china, flatware and chairs you’ll need to bring about the magical transformation of this table.

Now, how many do you need for your event?

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