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Serpentine Table
Serpentine Table
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Although this table by itself bears little resemblance to a serpent, if you were to connect several together in a long line (with their convex curves alternating) you would end up with a long, squiggly table having a snakelike appearance when viewed from 20 feet above. 

We’ve yet to actually get a request from anyone wanting a table layout to look like a snake, but the serpentine shape is a pleasing break from the rectilinear harshness of a long row of banquet tables. The serpentine table also gives you the option of creating a full circle, with perhaps an opening at one end, and it is absolutely ideal for positioning in a corner space where you might have a guestbook set up. 

Since we’re considering every possible use, let’s not overlook that serpentine tables can be reconfigured to spell out “SOS” in the event a run on the bar leaves you with nothing but a half a bottle of tonic water and a few twizzle sticks. 

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