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Bar, LaCrosse Stowaway Portable

Bar, Stowaway
Bar, Stowaway

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LaCrosse Stowaway Portable Bar

Pity the bartender forced to prepare drinks for your guests on a rickety card table propped up on cinder blocks. No wonder he seems a little grouchy and the tip jar is practically empty. The guests aren’t happy, either. If only…if only the host had rented a LaCrosse Stowaway bar.

Fortunately, you’re not going to make the same mistake. You’re going to rent this ingeniously designed bar so your barkeep, your guests and you all have a great time.

With its concealed workspace and stainless steel work surfaces, the LaCrosse Stowaway has plenty of room for your bartender to work his magic while keeping the clutter of bottles, limes and twizzle sticks out of sight. The ice bin shown is included with your rental.

Added bonus: Caster wheels make it easy to quickly relocate the bar to render aid in areas in dire need of libations.

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