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Inflatable, Pony Hops (set of 12)

Pony Hops
Pony Hops
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Get The Party Hopping with Pony Hops

Maybe you remember those Hippity Hop bouncy ball toys from when you were a kid. Well, the Pony Hop operates on the same principle: Kinetic energy of kid bouncing on it moves it forward. Only the Pony Hop simulates riding a horse, which is inherently much more fun than bouncing around on a ball. Safer, too, since the smiling, friendly face of Hoppy the Horse will hit the ground first in the event of a face plant.  

If you’re hosting a birthday party, you’ll want to rent a few of these and stage pony races around the yard. Watching the kids having a blast bouncing, you’ll inevitably wish you could fit on a Pony Hop, too. Good news: You can! Thankfully, the makers of Pony Hops make them in three sizes to accommodate everyone from 3-year-olds to hoppers age 13 and up.

Ok, wait, we know what you’re thinking: won’t the weight of a full-grown adult bouncing around on one of these result in a horrendous Pony Hop explosion? No! Amazingly, all sizes of Pony Hops can withstand up to 750 lbs. of rider. Unless a crane is required to get you out of your bed, you can ride a Pony Hop, too!

Why should little kids have all the fun? Order up a dozen Pony Hops for the next company picnic!

Rent Pony Hops in Three Sizes:

  • Small,  for 3 to 6-year-olds
  • Medium, for 7 to 12-year-olds
  • Large, for 13-year-olds and up
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