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Hot Dog Warmer

Hot dog Warmer
Hot dog Warmer
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Hot Dog Steamer

They call them "hot dogs" for a reason. They're intended to be served hot. Not lukewarm, and definitely not cold. Have you ever tried a cold hot dog? Blech! You’d have to be starving to get past the first tentative bite.

What you need is this Steamin' Demon Hot Dog Steamer. Hungry crowd? No worries. This steamer holds 80 to 90 hot dogs and 30 to 40 buns (depending on bun size). Heated water in the steamer area creates plump, juicy dogs and keeps them nice and warm. The way hot dogs are meant to be.

Don’t be the guy (or gal) whose sole claim to fame is “that loser who served me a cold hot dog.” Rent a Steamin' Demon and sleep well at night knowing you did your part to treat your guests right.

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