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40 x 70 Frame Tent Rental in Sun Prairie

Sun Prairie frame tent rental

Sun Prairie Frame Tent Rental for Employee Training Event

This truck leasing business in Sun Prairie hired Madison Party Rental to set up an event tent for a training seminar. We set up this 40 x 70 frame tent and provided the folding chairs and a few banquet tables you can just barely make out under the tent.

One of the great things about frame tents is they don’t require staking into the ground, so they can be set up on pavement or grass. However, to ensure a large tent like this doesn’t get moved around by strong winds, we secure the tent legs in barrels full of sand.

Whether it’s a corporate event like this one or a wedding reception, Madison and Brookfield Party Rental has everything you need for a successful event. From small, backyard sized canopy tents to massive, circus sized pole tents, we have tents for events of all sizes.

Not sure what size tent to rent? Need some advice on what type of tent will work best for your event? We’re here to help.

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