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Milwaukee Dance Floor Rental Cleaning

After every event with a dance floor rental, we mop clean the individual panels that make up the dance floor. In the photo you see here, the 3’ by 4’ panels are laid out on a large tarp to be cleaned. The panels you see here are plywood with a vinyl parquet top-- ideal for outdoor events.

If you’re planning  an indoor event, we also rent wood parquet dance floors made of 3’ by 3’ sections. These look great, of course, but are only suitable for indoor use due to the potential for disaster if there is a sudden downpour.

Around Milwaukee, we mostly rent dance floors for wedding receptions, but they’re also popular for Sweet 16 and Quinceanera parties, wedding anniversaries and festivals of all type. If you need help determining what size of dance floor you need for your event, just get in touch with our Brookfield Party Rental location.

Contact our event rental professionals today for more information on dance floor rentals in Milwaukee.

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