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High Peak Frame Tent Rentals in Madison

High peak frame tent rental in Madison

Row of High Peak Frame Tents Creates Extended Canopy In Madison

A bank on the west side of Madison rented these four high peak frame tents and banquet tables for a luncheon event. This photo shows the tents set up, with the banquet tables and chairs delivered and ready to be set up.

Measuring 20’ by 20’, each frame tent is large enough to accommodate 6 banquet tables with 8 people seated at each one--combined, they create a 20' x 80' tent with the capacity to seat 192 guests. In case you’re wondering what the white barrel things are, they’re barrels we fill with water to secure the tents in place on surfaces where we can’t put anchoring stakes into the ground.

One of the nice things about the high peak frame tent is the high peak, which provides a place for hot air to ascend so it stays cooler down at people level. We also like how easily a few of these tents can be combined to create a larger space—without looking haphazard. They also work great as an entry area to a larger tent, or off to the side of a larger tent to create a special, shaded area for children to play while the grown ups are in the big tent.

Although these tents are considerably smaller than our pole tents and frame tents, they still require professional setup. If you are looking for a small tent for use over a deck or patio, look into our 10’ by 10’ Impact Instant Canopy tent.

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